Sunday, August 19, 2012


Sorry it has been quiet around here.
We have been busy working on the golf tournament and preparing for travel.
GUESS WHAT??? We are hoping to head out in September.
We are so EXCITED!!! 
It's coming up quickly. We can't wait to hold our little guy!!!
 We are just waiting on the green light known as... a travel date.
Well, that and $11,424 to make us fully funded.

So...How can you help?

            DONATE(click here)

We have worked so hard- from endless prayers, tracking down paperwork, traveling to get documents, endless calls and emails, fundraising every moment possible, and now we are just waiting for someone to say, "Come on over and hold your little guy." 
Please help us reach our financial goal. It would be heart wrenching to think that money held us up and kept him from our arms. We want that cold metal crib to turn into warm loving arms. We want him to know endless hugs and kisses. We want him to know what family means- parents and siblings.
We want him to know what LOVE means. 
Please help us finish this race and bring him HOME!

*To track our progress look at the box on the right. When it reaches $17,500 we will be fully funded!
Please prayerfully consider donating. Click donate above to be taken to his tax deductible account.

Take a second and watch this video. See what a family can do in the life of an orphan...