Tuesday, September 18, 2012


We're leavin on a jet plane...
Like 3 weeks soon!!!!

We just found out last night that 
we have a matching grant of $4,000! 
What does that mean?
Well, if we can raise $4,000 by next Monday we will receive an additional $4,000 and be...

Please consider donating. 
You can donate to his tax deductible account here:

Thank you so much for your prayers, encouragement, and donations! We are blown away by your love for our little guy! Blessings!!!!


  1. woo hoo praise God...you only have to make one trip right. posted about your lovie today. Praying you are fully funded in no time

  2. I was Keegan's Christmas Warrior last year through Reece's Rainbow. I have prayed many prayers for him (and have asked many others for prayers for him as well!) I am elated that he will be coming home to a family very soon. God bless you all. Prayers going up for you, Keegan, and your entire family. Give little Keegan a kiss from me. His photo ornament will hang on my Christmas tree each year and I will continue to pray for his health and happiness. Safe travels!

  3. Thank you SO much Jen! :) We will definitely be covering him hugs and kisses for you!! :) Thank you for your prayers- invaluable!!! :)