Sunday, June 10, 2012

Between us and Keegan

I wanted to take a second and update you all on the progress that is being made. We had our last visit with the social worker today and our homestudy should be completed by the end of the week. PRAISE GOD!! :)
Next...USCIS approval. Please pray with us for a fast approval so that we can quickly get to Keegan.

Okay...on to the nitty gritty...

My personality would rather skip this part of the post than write it. I do not do well asking for help. I would rather find a way to make it happen on my own. I don't have that as an option though...

Better yet...Keegan doesn't have the time!

If there was anyone who could make me throw aside my pride and ask for help it's Keegan. He's an innocent sweet baby who has waited far to long in an orphanage just barely getting his survival needs met. He is the reason I am asking. I want to say again... he IS facing an ADULT MENTAL INSTITUTION in a few short weeks. What does that look like? Well to be frank, a death sentence for child who cannot sit up, roll over, nor hold a bottle. It would mean the fuzzy baby hair on his head would be shaved to prevent lice. His beautiful complexion would very likely become a rash or sores because of unsanitary condition. He would likely be changed once or twice a day. He would be unsupervised in a place full of Adults with mental issues. I think that should suffice to say the urgency is REAL... VERY REAL!! He needs us and that alone is the reason I am asking...begging for help!

We have had several fundraisers and they have been wonderful!!! We have other's planned but it will not be enough without further support. We need $18,000 plus within a few short weeks. This adoption is not moving at a typical pace where we can have fundraisers and take our time planning. We have only been working on this a couple months. Bottom line: It's not about us... it's about Keegan, and his future!!! Please help us get to him!!! Help us hold our son and save him from further pain and damage in his young life. 

If you click HERE you will be taken to Reece's Rainbow's  page that is set up for Keegan. ALL donations given to this will be TAX DEDUCTIBLE!!! Please prayerfully consider helping us bring our son home!!