Monday, June 4, 2012

I am thankful!

This past week was a bit hectic to say the least. We have been trying to finish up everything for the homestudy and stressing over how quickly it could be completed. We also had to promote the spaghetti dinner, find donations for some of the supplies, sign up hands willing to help, and then feed over 200 people. No problem right? During this we have been trying to work on dossier documents and also had to be at the International Adoption Clinic this weekend. It was a busy week to say the least. 

Good news...

The homestudy should be completed by next Wednesday!!! :) I am THANKFUL for those who get the urgency Keegan needs! Next..on to USCIS! Please be praying we find favor and this is miraculously returned in record timing. July is approaching quickly!! 

We drove up Friday night for the International Adoption Clinic. This was the first time my little guy had spent the night away from me and that was a hard goodbye- not for him- but for me. They were both perfectly content and had a great time hanging with the grandparents! I am THANKFUL for grandparents to love my children in a way only a grandparent can!! 

We made it about an hour into our trip when our brakes started causing the car to shake after a stop. We had just had them worked on and this was not the way you want to start a 5 hour trip. We did some serious praying and felt peace to continue. God really protected us and this problem really wasn't an issue.

Upon arriving we started searching for hotels... searching...and searching! I have no idea what was going on but I can say we had a hard time just finding a room. The nice relaxing night hanging out turned into frantically searching for a place to get a few hours worth of sleep. We had to pay more than anticipated but we found a place shortly after 11pm. So much for gaining a few hours of sleep.

The classes started at 9 am. We got to hear a pediatrician, a psychologist, an occupational therapist, a speech therapist, and a social worker who had been adopted herself. What a wonderful group to soak up knowledge from. I really gained a new prospective for the children coming to their forever homes. They have been dealt such a rough start and LOVE is what they need most. What an amazing opportunity to hear from those who understand first hand what it's like to either be adopted or adopt a child. The rules are so much different. It's not so cut and dry. There is a LOT of work ahead and that's not even considering a special need. This group will also be available to help us when Keegan gets home. They will check him medically and work with us on the next steps that will be best for him. I knew I was right where I was supposed to be when one of the therapists said, "Just love him and bond with him. You aren't trying to fix Down syndrome." That's it... I am NOT trying to fix Down syndrome. I have no expectation for him and we will just work with him where he is and let God direct his steps. He will reach his fullest potential, maybe not the one society created as acceptable (not many of us could reach that even without a special need) but exactly what God has placed him on this earth for. God is smiling down on his amazing son and I am awed to be a part of the process. We were able to meet another family that is adopting a PRECIOUS little girl with Down syndrome. It was so nice to meet them! I can't wait to see their journey to their little one unfold. I am so THANKFUL for those who care about these children and want to LOVE them right where they are.
We left the conference shortly after 5 and headed to drop off some paperwork in the drop box at the agency. Simple enough right? Well, on the way back to the car TJ notices our tire is going flat? This is after just replacing one last week. *sigh* It is now after 5 on a Saturday. Who wants to fix our tire?? We drove to the nearest Walmart to find out they didn't have time to look at it. *sigh...grr* So, on to the gas station to buy a can of fix a flat, and put some air in the tire. After a few deep breaths and some much needed prayer we started out. God protected us and we made it home with no issues. 

We pulled in our driveway shortly after midnight. My son had just woken up right before we got there with a fever. I felt soo bad for him. He continued this fever off  and on during the night and until yesterday afternoon. So, instead of making it to the spaghetti dinner to help I was at home with a little guy who was fussy, and felt awful. My happy little guy was definitely not feeling so happy! We had a lot of cuddles and cartoons(which he would never usually sit for). I felt so bad for not being much help for the dinner but it turns out they had it all under control without me. *shocking* ;) I am THANKFUL for those who care about Keegan and want to help us bring him home.

I am THANKFUL for all the prayers being prayed! I hope this post shows you the power of your prayers for our family. God has been protecting, guiding, blessing, and showering us with peace! 

Next... the spaghetti dinner totals!!! :) Stay tuned...

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