Wednesday, June 20, 2012

A world in need of an awakening...

This blog has mainly been about what is going on with OUR family and how OUR process is going. As I looked at the many faces of innocent children that are waiting for their mommy and daddy to come get them I had my reality check. I have been too wrapped up in what is going on with OUR adoption. There are SO many more waiting. There are SO many children laying in a bed alone instead of in a mama or daddy’s arms.


I know not everyone is called to adopt but everyone is called to do something. You are either going or equipping those who are. If you have ever contemplated adoption- now is the time. These children are suffering and they could care less about your 10 year plan to become perfect parents- which by the way won’t happen. They need a mommy and daddy now. If it’s something you have held in your heart seek the information to show you which direction to go in. There is a direction. It may not be easy and there may be some things to work through but your child is at the end waiting for you and I don’t know of a better motivation. If there are bumps that take a while KEEP PRAYING and MOVING!! Those of us praying for these children are praying for their parents and that is YOU who are desperately trying! God will guide if you start walking. Peter didn’t stay in the boat… he got out and trusted Jesus! TRUST! 


If you can’t go, equip the parents who can go. If you can help financially- be it a $1 – then help! I promise you your dollar is making a huge impact and God will bless it and increase it because of the heart that you have to give it. Pick a child to bless with your financial help and keep adding to their account as often as you can- no matter how much it is great or small. This is helping lift the financial burden off the parents that come along. Prayers are needed. It’s not an easy road to walk and there is a lot that lies ahead. This doesn’t stop with gotcha day. They need your prayers. Pick a child and pray continuously for them. Be a  prayer warrior!
Advocate for these helpless INNOCENT children. In a day and age where everything is broadcast across facebook, twitter, emails, texts, newspaper, ect… there is NO excuse for not helping to get the word out. All they need is their parent to see them. All you have to do is share their story giving them the chance to be seen. Be their voice!!


 I have had soo many people say that they have lost friends, had nasty grams sent, and were told they were too depressing. WAKE UP! The world is in need of those who will stand up and be the voice while the cowards sleep!! I refuse to be quiet for fear that I might make someone sad by posting a child that is withering away in need of saving. Is it sad? YES! Can we do something about it? YES! There are 163 million orphans in the world and at least 2.3 BILLION Christians. It’s time to rise up and make an impact. There is NO excuse for our complacency. After reading James 1:27 I’m pretty sure it’s spelled out easily  what we are supposed to do. There is no room for gray. It’s clear and if you are a Christian – He’s talking to YOU! 


  1. You could also help by helping those who are out there trying to make a difference in the lives of the children left behind. There are many out there such as myself who can not adopt but are trying to help the orphans by helping to change and improve the services they receive and advocating for the orphans, both those available for adoption and those who are not.
    Sandie Flannery

  2. Sandie thank you for posting this. I am now following your blog! I hope everyone will go to your site and help support the difference you ARE making!! I will be praying for your up coming trip!!

  3. I know Ive lost FB "friend" b/c I always post about RR kids. I just think people will click share and repost rude disgusting things and many will not repost about these children. Makes me sick!

    Anyway, do you know anything about the little boy brighton you have a picture of, he is such a doll and has my heart, I am praying for a family for him but he has not donation box.

  4. thanks for including Celine!

  5. Definitely! She is a doll! I thought this would link them to RR but i don't think I did it right! ;) I'm learning! :)