Saturday, July 7, 2012


I love Saturdays!

It's the catch up day to work on those things you couldn't do during the week.

Finishing them is optional though.

At our house there is no schedule ...just a guideline.

It is the day that getting out of the house remains optional.

Most office buildings are closed so the "should do's" have to wait.

You can stay in pajamas all day.

It means the course of the day is up to you.

Cartoons are for the whole family.

Forget a shower...Saturdays- are for bubble baths!

What do Saturdays mean at your house??

Fundraiser Updates

We are selling these adorable shirts...

"Superman was adopted too."

Shirt cost: $20 including shipping for a regular Tee! 
If you want the "girly" tee in the picture it would be $23 
To order: Leave a message with your email address (to send an invoice),  
a good mailing address, and include the size(s) wanted!

We will be sending out cups the first of the week to those who would like to collect change and have a tangible reminder to pray for our sweet little guy!!  
They will say "Help CHANGE a life." 
If you would like one please leave a message with 
your name and address and we will get one to you. 
All change will be turned in here (The donate button UNDER his picture.) August 10th! :) 

The quilt is on going. 55 squares have been taken. 
If you haven't donated for a square there is still time. 
Donate $10 
(The donate button UNDER his picture.)
Leave me a message letting me know you donated and what name you want on the quilt.

Also if you are purchasing items from Amazon please use our link. I haven't figured out all the details but we will get something off of your purchase IF you go through our link here on the right of the blog.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend ahead! 


  1. i will collect change at my house(you dont have to send a cup, save that money for you. my 8 year old gave me 15 dollars of her own over 2 weeks for "my" Benji. we would love to do that. I would really like to post something on my blog for you all I was wondering if you would like to send me something I could repost

    1. Thank you soo much! :) I would love to send you something! I will try to get that to you this week. Where should I send it?