Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Meet Keegan!

I wanted to take a second and introduce you to my son- Keegan. 

Keegan was born in 2011 and because of his diagnosis of Down Syndrome his family gave him up. I don't know the circumstances behind this and possibly never will. We can all quickly judge this family but I am just thankful that my son is alive and that God has BIG plans for him.

You see, he was born into a country that deemed his life worthless and sent him off as quickly as he came. He has Down Syndrome and that is just not acceptable. Children with special needs have no place there. Before you get so upset with his country though, stop and take notice that we Americans abort 90+% of BABIES diagnosed with Down Syndrome. These issues which encompass us all, whether we would like to think so or not, is rightly being called a silent holocaust . 

Keegan has survived 16 months living in a bed and a bouncy seat. He cannot sit on his own. Is this because he has Down Syndrome? NO! This is because the nurses are either too busy or too desensitized. I won't speak for them because I simply do not know. I was told the children are not even held when they are fed. They are laid on a table and given a bottle with a nipple on top. They cut the top off so the food comes out quicker. They have toys there but if the children play with them they have to be sanitized so they are not allowed. Are you catching this? He is passing his time in a bouncy seat with noone to love on him, with noone to tuck him in bed, with noone to hold him tight, to ease his fears, or tell him he IS worth something. 

The orphanage Keegan is in will be closing in July and his fate WAS an ADULT mental institution. Do you see this face?

An ADULT mental institution??? All because he has Down Syndrome??? Do you know what the fate of a child who cannot sit up nor feed himself would be in a place like that? 

He is worth something!! My heavenly father, his creator said so: 

"I knew you before I formed you in your mother's womb. Before you were born I set you apart and appointed you as my prophet to the nations. Jeremiah 1:5"

"For in him we live and move and exist. As some of your own poets have said, ‘We are his offspring.'-Acts 17:28"

"I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well. Psalm 139:14"

"For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do. Ephesians 2:20"

God has been holding Keegan since he was created. Prayers have been going up for Keegan since well before he was created. Remember... I have been praying for my children since I was a teenager. God knew he would be my son. 

I have been told that he is the happiest and most laid back little guy. Did you see his pictures? These were taken right after they woke him up. Yeh! He's much more laid back than I am. ;) We were told the nurses teared up when they found out he had a family and they told him about "mama and papa" that were coming. Guys... that's us!!! Little boy, your Mama and Papa can't wait to get to you!! We can't wait to finish all the details (and there are many) and hold you. I want to tell you ... you matter, you are amazing, we love you, and most of all... you ARE valuable. God's people have been praying for you to be "let go" and God has heard all the cries. Your life is meant for so much more and we know God will part the seas ahead. 

I heard this song the other day in the car and I immediately thought of him.

God's got his hand on you little boy. We ARE coming!!!

Please... help us get to him. Pray for this sweet little boy! Pray that all obstacles would be removed before we get to them or know about them. Pray for the other children that are still waiting. Be the hands and feet of God... 


  1. I didn't think he could get cuter, but he did. COngratulations. I am so happy for him and you!! What a wonderful blessing!!!

  2. I second Kara's comment. That is one bundle of cuteness. I just want to squish his cheeks! I am thrilled for him and for your family!

  3. Sweet post! I'm so glad you are going to get him! I will add-I spent lots and lots of time with Thea's birth grandmother, and I know why her mother gave her up. Because even the doctor's don't know kids with down syndrome, her mama was told she would never talk or walk or be able to communicate with them at all. She was born to two working parents who live with the grandparents because housing is so expensive. Seeing as how Keegan and Thea were from the same area, I'd assume they were told the same thing. It's wrong, but if that's what a medical professional told you and you had never met someone to know anything different, it would be terrifying. Particularly in the area where they live-most people live in large apartment buildings with no elevator. They buy food every day and carry it home. That would be almost impossible to do with someone if you thought they would never walk or talk. And, there is NOTHING you can do but pass the care of such a child to your other children when you are unable to care for them. If you thought that you were giving your other children the legacy of being solely responsible for someone completely unable to feed themselves or walk...well, it would make me think harder too. No disability or social security, no special schools or even nursing homes as they got older, certainly no group homes or vocational classes...sounds hopeless. That's a much different scenario to "judge" than what we know down syndrome means. I'm not sure I could have done it either if that was the answer! Just throwing that out there...I judged her family some too before I found out all the info.

  4. Oh my there is my little guy! Aunt Kelli is so ready for you to come home. TJ and Danielle, your family is so adorable and the Lord has such great plans to come. So excited!!! Made my day girl. Thanks for sharing :) We will pray him home!

  5. He is so beautiful! Congratulations!!

    Nikki - get your blog designed and support global education

  6. what a cutie pie Praying he is home in record time

  7. I am so thankful to see that little keegan has a home! We were told of his fate and considered adopting him ourselves but due to lack of knowledge in the adoption process and honestly scared of the costs we delayed in doing something but did not stop praying! We will continue to pray for your family and little Keegan. We too homeschool and my husband is a pastor! May God bless you! Lisa

  8. Yay Keegan! I'm so excited for you Danielle. He's a doll baby! I wake up at night sometimes dreaming about the little ones alone in the dark without a mommy. I'm praying for you and your family.

  9. Amen & AMEN! What a beautiful boy....oh my word!!!

  10. Oh my! Keegan has become even cuter!!! We have loved him since we first saw him on RR and are so happy you have found him! I look forward to seeing your journey unfold! We are adopting "Arnold" from Region 23, come say hi Prayers and good wishes coming your way!