Tuesday, May 29, 2012


I would be posting more but there doesn't seem to be enough hours in the day- especially not for putting your thoughts down. From the time we wake up in the morning until well past a reasonable bedtime we are changing diapers, playing with our amazing kiddos, chasing papers, making and returning phone calls, learning to count by 2's and practicing addition and subtractioncleaning up mac and cheese off the newly mopped floor, sending and replying to emailsstopping a fight over a toy,  promoting fundraisers (from the web, phone, and feet), looking ahead to new ones, doing laundry (because there is no way to get through a day without it) and trying to figure out what the next day holds before it gets here.

Am I complaining? NO! This is what makes it all feel real! This is where God has an opportunity to shine and reveal Himself. We are constantly amazed to see Him work during this process. I cling to this every day and I am learning how much I have to rely on Him.

I have soo many ideas for blog posts and I WILL get to them but for now you will have to settle with a list of fundraisers we have going on at the moment.

1.) If you are local we have a spaghetti dinner coming up this Sunday. Message me for details.

2.) Scentsy and Velata-If you would like to order, please go to www.scentsy.com/sharvey OR www.sharvey.velata.us and click on "Fundraiser. Danielle Gardner" - Buy from Party link. closes June 15th

3) A friend is going to help make a throw quilt for Keegan. After a $10 donation your name will be embroidered on a square. We can't wait to wrap him up in this and tell him about all the people who love him and have prayed and helped bring him home. Make a $10 donation to the Adoption Chip in to the right of the blog. Then come back and leave me a comment letting me know you donated and the name you would like embroidered. I am a HUGE handmade person so I am super excited to see this come together.

4) I have a dear friend that is doing a Premier Jewlery fundraiser for Keegan. If you are interested leave your email address in comments and I will pass this on for her to get you a catalog. closes June 16

There are a few others in the works but this is a start.

We are in the process of finishing up our homestudy right now. We can't wait to update and tell you we are moving on to the next step. Please continue praying with us. We are soo thankful for each of you!!!


  1. I love the quilt idea as well!!! Just made a $50.00 chip in donation! Would like my quilt sqare to read: Uncle Bryan & Aunt Rebekah Loves You!!

  2. Love the quilt idea! I hope it is a success and you will one day post pictures! :) This will be SO special!

    I made a chip in donation. I added a note on it for our square! Praying for Keegan tonight! He is so precious and I just adore him!

  3. That quilt will be such a precious keepsake! (Also, you've inspired me. I'm a quilter with lousy embroidery skills, and now I want to get better so I can do this for another family someday. Wouldn't that be cool?)

    I placed a Velata order. I hope the fundraiser pays off!